9 AM at Huntington Beach

I'm not very good at waking up.
I'm not very good at staying up late either.
I think that needing lots and lots of sleep is in my genes.
After all, I was raised by a woman with this framed quote on her nightstand:
"When you have a lot on your list to do,
it's always best to get your nap out of the way first."
Yep, I get it from my mama.

So when Heather and I agreed to meet at 9 AM at Huntington Beach,
I managed to get out of my warm, comfy bed by 8:45
and greet her with sleepy, squinty eyes and a few yawns.
Thank goodness Jared was on his way with my Venti Iced Coffee.

Of course, Heather arrived in perfect, model style:
Bright-eyed, beautiful, and ready to rock out some poses.

Thanks, Luke, for being such a great "prop."
You're the best!