I was the oldest of six kids, which really means that I was the Guinea pig.
I was the one who received the experimental rewards and experimental punishments.
You know how that goes.

Considering that they had never raised a child before me, I'd give my parents an A++.
They did a great job in almost every area.
Almost, because their dating advice was just a little shabby.

As I was about to board the plane that would take me to college,
my dad offered this sound piece of dating advice:
Look for a guy like Phil of the Future, OK? 

Ummm... OK, Dad.

And my mom:
Make sure he buys you lots of Starbucks!

OK, Mom.

And off to college I went.

The good thing was I didn't really need that dating advice.
Instead, I could study the relationship that my parents shared
and know exactly what they were trying to tell me.

Dad wanted me to find someone level-headed and laid-back.
Mom wanted to make sure I would be taken care of extremely well.
With lots of Starbucks.

They set a great example and taught me how to love another person.
I watched the pattern they set, and I'm doing my best to follow it.

Yeah... they definitely get an A++.

My favorite...