Fall Boots

Girls love to shop.
Everyone knows it's true.
We will use any excuse to travel to that magical place known as The Mall.

Thinking back, my first experience with that euphoric new-outfit feeling was my Easter dress.
Mom would spend Easter-eve wrapping pieces of my hair into a million foam curlers.
I would fall asleep with those plastic curlers piercing my skull, just dreaming of wearing
the new pink dress that was hanging on the end of my little bed.
I would wake up at the first morning light, pulling the curlers out of my hair,
pulling that fluffy pink dress over my head,
and pulling my long, white Easter gloves up over my little arms.
I would attend the Easter Sunday service as a Shirley Temple look-alike,
with my white straw hat perfectly balanced on my head of swirly curls.

And as time went on, the shopping experience just got better and better.

After the springtime Easter dress, it was time to shop for a new summertime swimsuit.
Then came fall and the warm and comfy back-to-school shopping trip.
And of course, winter couldn't officially start without a new coat
and something shiny to wear on Christmas day.

Now that I'm married, this New-Season-Equals-Shopping-Trip mentality had to be explained to Jared
quite a few times, but I'm happy to say that he is finally on board with the plan.
Not that he will ever understand.
Just like I will never understand his absolute addiction to shooting people up with his PS3 remote.
But as long as he writes me into the budget, I'm a happy girl.

So for this fall I chose these wonderfully delicious fringed boots from J. Crew.
I could have hugged the UPS man when he arrived with my J. Crew delivery box.
And that same feeling
- the feeling I had as a little-foam-curler girl just dreaming of wearing my pink dress-
came over me as I tore open my package and paraded around the apartment in my new fall boots.

Football games, s'mores, bonfires, and hand-in-hand walks through the orange trees
will all be a little, tiny bit happier this fall.
Because I'll be wearing my boots.