Keri is a Senior!

I have four sisters, and they are truly my biggest fans.

If you are my Facebook friend,
you've seen my sisters commenting on and liking every picture I post.

So as I was shooting Keri's senior pictures,
I couldn't help but think that my sisters were going to love these shots.

At first I thought they would love them because of the balloons and the fun poses,
 but I soon realized I was thinking of them because of Keri.

Keri is just like my sisters in so many ways.

She is a ball of energy and laughter, super-talented, 
super-gorgeous, and super-self-confident.

But I think the thing that stood out the most is that Keri is nice.

Yep, just plain ol' nice.

She's not afraid to smile a big, happy smile.
She's not afraid to laugh at herself.
And  she was definitely not afraid to laugh at me. ;)

Keri, I had so. much. fun. and I hope you did too. :)
Thanks for being my super-great sister for the afternoon!

Keri is a talented pianist... but how were we going to take piano pictures outside?
Keri thought of this bright idea. And I loved it!