Little Tiny Gracie

The minute I heard that little, tiny Gracie had been born, I ran around my apartment
gathering baskets, blankets, ribbons, and bows for Gracie's first photo shoot.

I was in awe of Gracie when I first met her.
She was so soft and so beautiful and so tiny.

I didn't think someone so tiny could make me so nervous, but she did.
You see, not only was this Gracie's first photo shoot, but it was also my very first newborn shoot,
and unlike any other photo shoot I have attempted, this shoot wasn't up to me.
It was totally up to little, tiny Gracie.

I thought she would fuss and whimper and hate being swaddled in a scarf and placed in a basket.
But Gracie was a true professional.

She made eye contact with my camera and cooed with her perfect little lips.
She snuggled into her basket and fell asleep.
And she didn't cry for a single second.
She was a dream.
I can't wait to visit again and cuddle her for a little bit longer.
We got a few shots with Gracie's big, strong older brothers...
...shot a couple with Mommy and Daddy...
...and of course, I couldn't resist a cuddle time!
Such a little princess. :)

I truly, truly feel honored to have been able to capture
 these precious moments on Gracie's third day of life,
and  I am so excited for her bright future!