Amanda is a Senior!

Last weekend, I left Delaware,
where yellow and orange leaves still clung tightly to the fall trees,
and traveled out to Ohio, where everything was brown.

Brown. Brown. Brown.

My first photo shoot of the weekend was with Amanda,
and I wanted her senior pictures to be full of vibrant color...
and to me, brown is not the most vibrant of colors.

But armed with a pink Main Street Cupcake,
I decided to give Amanda the most colorful shoot I could.

And then Amanda arrived. With her friend, Jessie.

And Jessie was my lifesaver.
No, actually, Jessie was my artsy angel in disguise.
Definitely sent from Heaven.

While I searched for spots of color, Jessie called out amazing directions.

Look to the left, Amanda.
Give us some big eyes.
Good! Good!
Lean back a little.... perfect!

And here they are...
the images made by a beautiful senior, a few spots of color, and an artsy angel. ;)