Mike + Amanda

Jared and I were running late... and I hate being late.

My directions to the park were not taking us to the park, so we were also lost.

And I hate being lost.

I stopped and asked a sweet girl for directions, and she pointed us down the right road.

And then they called.

They were running late. And they were also lost.

And that was when I knew we would totally be great friends.

We all finally found the park and spent the afternoon wandering through the last yellow leaves of fall.

Amanda pulled out a Polamalu Steelers jersey to wear in a few shots,
and Jared almost did a Touchdown Celebration Dance.

Then Mike pulled out his Ravens jersey,
and Jared made me swear I wouldn't even talk about him in this blog post. ;)

But of course, I can still show your their adorable pictures.........