Do you have a minute?

I'm sitting here at Starbucks, going through this morning's pictures,
and crying like a baby.

There are so many parts of life that can't be understood.

For example, the fact that just a few days ago, Kristin,
a wonderful wife and mother of four beautiful children,
found out she has cancer growing in her brain, lungs, and liver.

I kept updated to her situation via Facebook,
and here are a few of Kristin's status updates that I read as this week progressed:

Just found out my surgery has been canceled.
They further reviewed my CAT scans and there is extensive cancer in my liver and lungs
 (and what we'd already seen in the brain and skull).
 They are going to do a small biopsy of the mass on my head to see
what kind of cancer we are dealing with.
Just got out of the meeting with the oncologist.
 If they do nothing, I would have 3 months to live.
We are going to start chemo as soon as possible (within days hopefully).
 He hopes that because it grew so fast, it will respond to the chemo.
 If it didn't respond, and other chemo medicines didn't work,
 I'd still have 3 months.

I can't understand that.

But I can talk to the One who is in control of this crazy life.

And I hope that you'll take a minute too, and - don't just say a prayer -
 actually talk to God and ask Him to do a miracle for this family.

*3/1 update:
This made me cry like a baby too.