Flowers and "Chocolate"

I am a girly girl's girl who loves all things pink, ruffled, and girly.

And I think I've told you before about my one-track mind.

Well, combine that one-track mind with the sighting of a girly, pink J. Crew skirt,
and you have a very, very, very obsessed Me.

For at least a month now, I've been desperately trying to convince Jared
that the purchase of this skirt is necessary for life as we know it to continue,
but he has successfully thwarted every single one of my attempts.

And then yesterday was Valentine's Day.

And my bouquet of roses came in the form of a skirt.
Yes, THE Skirt.
And not only did I now own this skirt,
but God gave me a 60 degree day so I could wear it too. :)

Oh, and you should also know that I wasn't sad at all
when my "box of chocolates" looked like this: