josh + casandra

Every single window was open,
the 70 degree day was breezing through my apartment,
and I was on the phone with Cassy discussing our meeting place
for her engagement pictures taking place the next morning.

I think the unseasonably perfect day made us both forget it was still February,
because when I suggested sunrise pictures at the beach, she readily agreed.

And then the cold front rolled in overnight.

Picture time came, we met, and we froze.

Cassy & Josh -
I know your outfit choices weren't seen because of the last minute addition of coats.
And I'm sorry we didn't talk much because of my frozen lips
and the wind drowning out every other word.
But I saw your sweet love for each other through my lens
and captured some of my favorite moments. Ever.
Thanks for cuddling in front of my camera and joining me
for an experience that won't happen ever again in February. ;)