joe + britney

They could have danced all night, I think.

No one wanted the party to end.

It was a celebration of the love that Britney and Joe have for each other...
and the love that their families have for the two of them.

The day started off with happy laughter and hot coffee. A perfect beginning, don't you think?
Megan at Perry Anthony Salon was amazing. I need to book a hair appointment. ASAP.
Sometimes I multitask. I can hold veils and shoot pictures. No problemo. :)
Hair finally finished, we headed back to the hotel for some finishing touches.
Across town, the groomsmen prepared for the day...
and my super-incredible husband took these shots.
We all met up at the Chesapeake Inn for some pre-ceremony pictures... and a lot more laughter.
Oh, this was where I almost fell into the canal... but that's another story for another day. ;)
I ♥ this amazing wedding party.
Gorgeous, isn't she?! Just absolutely gorgeous.
The new Mr. & Mrs. headed straight back to the Chesapeake Inn and got the party started!
We took a quick break from the party to grab a few more shots of the adorable couple.
And then right back to the party we went!

Eventually the party had to come to an end... but we all know it's not really the end...
It's a brand new beginning. :)