Love You Out Loud

For two years as a teenager, I traveled around the USA with my huge family in a
huge, white, 15-passenger van.

I would drown out my little siblings and my mom telling
me to do my math homework with my Sony Walkman CD player.

One CD after another.

I remember my headphones being super loose.
 Flying down the highway with all of the windows open
would always cause them to fall out of my ears.

I would hold them in and blare Love You Out Loud over the roar of the wind.

That was my favorite song.

When I first met Jared, I was attracted to him because
he was kind to everyone (and extra-kind to me),
mint chocolate chip ice cream was his favorite,
and loving God was his most important goal and desire.

When he asked me to marry him I said yes, because, well, I loved him.

And also because during the time I had gotten to know him he had proved to be
kind to everyone, that every flavor of ice cream was his favorite,
and that loving God was his most important desire.

I thought that I knew everything there was to know about him and about us,
but a little while after we were married,
I realized that I didn't even know everything about myself.

I would freak myself out wondering if we made the right choice getting married to each other...
Would we still want to be together in a year or two?
Would his super-chill personality get tired of calming down my super-crazy self?

As time goes on, it's absolutely unbelieveable to me.
Each new discovery I make about me or him or us only proves
that we are like perfect pieces of a puzzle.

I never even knew I would or could be so loved by one person.
And I had no idea I would or could ever love him this much.

That's why, today, I need to use this blog post to love him out loud.

If you follow my blog,
I'm sure that you have read between the lines and know that I love my man.

But sometimes, I think there needs to be an actual line that just says it.

This man is giving his life to provide for me, protect me, encourage me, and support me.

There are no words strong enough to show my thankfulness.

I just love him. Lots.