Oh, NYC, how we love you.

You know how you make the best friends ever in college,
and you keep saying "We all have to get together again!"
but then life gets in the way and you never get together again?

Anyone else know what I'm talking about???

Well, I am super proud of my college roomies and myself,
because after only 7,000,000 Facebook comments, tweets, and emails
sent back and forth planning our trip, we finally were together again!

We choose NYC (only the best city in the world!) as the meeting place
for our mini-vaca and had the time of our lives... so far...
because I already know that next year's trip will be even better! ;)

I ♥ these girls! And we ♥ NYC!
These pictures were all shot with the Hipstamatic app for the iPhone.
Which I love. It's a totally awesome app. :)