All Together Now

I have four best friends who also happen to be my sisters.

They are my most favorite people in this world.

We're like a big, goofy group of laugher and non-stop smiles when we all get together.

Some people say we look alike.

I don't see it.

But we do all have the same size feet and almost wear the same size of clothes.

Which is totally amazing, since I packed only a toothbrush, 
a contact case, and four cameras in my bag.

We haven't all been together now for two whole long not-goofy years.

Finally, we're back. And having the time of our lives.

So far, we've only taken about 23472839401293874 pictures.

I'll blog them all when I get home, you can be sure. ;)

But until then, I guess I'll just keep on laughing and letting 
myself be talked into swinging out over sandy cliffs.