joey + diana

I have 4 sisters and 1 brother, but most of the time it feels like I have at least 27 of each.

We were all lucky enough to grow up with our cousins as close as our siblings, and even
luckier to realize early that these sibling-cousins were going to be our best friends for life.
We spent our summers running around Grammy's backyard eating popsicles,
 pushing each other in the pool, and making random music videos as often as possible.

The happy memories are countless and our bond is a strong one.

Time, of course, gets in the way of those lazy, hazy summer days,
and we're slowly starting to spread out all across the country.
A summer day spent together in Grammy's backyard hasn't happened for a few years now,
and just writing this little blog post makes me so nostalgic... I might cry. :)
But I won't, because you see...

This August, my cousin Joey is going to marry the love of his life, Diana,
and we are all going to be together for this happy celebration.

When I met Joey and Diana for their engagement pictures,
I can promise you, this was no ordinary E-shoot for me.

This shoot was my very first time seeing Joey and Diana together,
and of course, I had to be sure that their relationship met my approval. ;)

Well, as soon as I saw the way that he looked at her...
just the way that he looked at her showed that she made him the happiest man alive...
that was enough for me. She's in! :)

And the cool thing about the sibling-cousin relationship is
that at this marriage we won't gain another cousin.

We'll get a new sister.

And Diana will gain about 27 of each. ;)