Q-tips & Packing Tape

I have a thing for beautiful days.

I'm sure I get it from my dad.

I remember him driving along with his arm out the window on a blue-sky day saying,
"This is the most beautiful day I have ever lived! Ever!"

And I would say, "Daaaaad. You said that yesterday!"

And he would say, "Well, today is even more beautiful than yesterday."

Last night, Jared called on his way home from work.

I told him that I packed a picnic and made a kite.

I think he has finally realized I have a thing for beautiful days, because he didn't
even hesitate a second before telling me he had the perfect place in mind.

I also think he has finally realized that I'm a pretty strange girl considering
that he simply absorbed the news about the kite without asking
how I made it, why I made it, or with what supplies I crafted it. ;)

(Q-tips, dental floss, and packing tape... just for your information.)

We sat on a bench by the water, cuddled and laughed,
and enjoyed the seconds of time as they ticked by.

Warm spring days make life seem so carefree and happy and fresh and new.

We tried to fly the kite,
but Q-tips and packing tape don't hold up well against the strong April gales.

I wouldn't count it as a loss though, because all the way home,
I had Jared talking about stronger kite fabrics and dowel rods and wind conditions. :)

Bring on the next beautiful, blue-sky day.