I love my birthday.

It's that day when everything starts off fresh and new.
No matter how good or bad the year before it,
a new set of 365 days has arrived,
and you can make it into anything you can dream.

It's like New Year's without all the pressure of resolutions.
Yuck. Mine never last.

It's also the only day of the year when I can ask for terribly selfish things
(like a glass of water after Jared has sat down on the couch)
and not feel one bit guilty about it. :)

Yes, I love my birthday.

Well, yesterday was my birthday, and I turned 23.

I have this amazing husband who knows there is
nothing I love more than watching God paint a sky,
so my day started with hot pink and bright purple clouds
and some barefoot splashing in a freezing ocean.

My birthday was so perfectly planned out,
and I told him he would never be able to top it all.

He told me not to underestimate him.

Oooo now I just can't wait to turn 24! ;)

But in the meantime,
I have a good feeling that 23 is going to be my happiest year ever.

It has to be if it turns out anything like the way it started. :)

I got Jared to be in a few extra pictures than normal... since it was my birthday. ;)
Also, please ignore the ridiculously messy hair. It was early.
And to answer a FAQ before it is asked:
Yes, we did take all of the self-p's with a self-timer. :)