Breanna & Baby (Belly)

This is my beautiful friend Breanna.

Still in her cute belly is a little boy named Henrik.

(Don't you just love his name???
I can just imagine how adorable little Henrik is going to be!!!)

Breanna and I had this shoot planned for what felt like a very. long. time.
It felt that way because I have never been so nervous for a photo shoot in my life!

I was totally clueless.
How much could she walk around on the beach?
Could she sit down on the sand?
Could she lay down on the sand?
Yeah, totally clueless.
I decided that my best bet would be to treat her like a fragile china doll. ;)

With that thought in my mind, we met at Pensacola Beach,
and I decided to pretend really, really hard that I wasn't nervous.
That didn't work.

About halfway through the shoot,
I blurted out to Breanna that I'd never been around anyone my own age who was pregnant
and then proceeded to ask her tons of (inappropriate, I'm sure) questions.

And then this awesome girl, who I was supposed to be making feel comfy in front of my camera,
 answered all of my questions and put me at ease. :)

And then I asked her to sit down, lay down, and walk all over the beach.
She was a trooper and a half.
Thanks, Breanna. :)