Michael + Karly

Michael and Karly are the kind of people that you feel really lucky to meet.

They're fun to talk to, easy to laugh with, and just plain ol' comfortable to be around.

The best part is they are totally and completely in love with each other,
and proving it with a wedding in May next year.

So we met up for their engagement photos at Washington's Headquarters in Valley Forge, PA,
and spent an afternoon hiking through the woods, stepping on snakes,
slapping mosquitoes, and brushing away ticks.

Oh, and we captured some precious moments as well, of course.
Moments that were worth every blood-sucking bug bite! ;)


Karly and Mike, you guys were incredible!!!

Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your wedding day
and for welcoming us with such open arms!

Dinner? Soon? ;)