That's just one of the new phrases I learned while I was
 in Jacksonville, FL, for Bo and Becky's big day.

And there were plenty more!

I told Becky I was going to write a book filled with all of her
cute phrases for Northern girls like me.

She thought I was funny.

Becky was my roommate during my last semester of college before the summer
I was married, and no, that was not a fun semester to have to live with me.

I wanted to be finished with school and married to my man.
Poor Becky had to live with the crabbiest chick around. ;)
She should receive many gold stars just for putting up with me.

So really, it was only fitting that I be around for all of the happenings 
during the few days before she and her love, Bo, tied the knot,
and I was oh-so happy to be there for her.