Chad + Nicole

I was born with the character flaw trait of talking a lot. A lot, a lot.

This can be good in some situations, I guess, but it's never good if I'm sleepy.
When I'm sleepy, you see, this trait intensifies.

On Sunday morning, I flew home from a busy four day stay in Jacksonville, FL,
talking to my seatmate instead of sleeping, of course, and on Sunday afternoon,
I met Chad and Nicole for their engagement photos.

Let me just say, that arrangement looked so jet-setting fabulous
scheduled in my calendar, but in real life, notsomuch. ;)

I should have stopped for some Starbucks on the way
(you know I was way out of it if I didn't think of Starbucks)
because when I arrived at the shoot, that little switch between my brain
and my mouth was definitely not functioning, and I talked their ears right off!

To make matters worse, I had picked up some kind of crazy Southern drawl,
and I couldn't turn that off either.

Lucky for me, Chad and Nicole are two of the sweetest people on this earth,
(no really. the. sweetest. people.)
and they acted like I was not strange at all. ;)

We really did have so much fun, despite my incessant babbling,
and I am so excited to capture all of their precious moments in August.

These two are perfect for each other, absolutely perfect!

He makes her giggle and she makes him smile the biggest smile.

I just looooove them. ;)