Hi Everybody!!! :)

***super long blog post alert.
scroll down to the picture for the important stuff
if you have a short attention span.
k, thanks.***

I just received a message from Flickr saying
my account needs to be updated in the next 6 days.

Do you know what that means?

That means that exactly Three Hundred and Fifty days ago,
I began posting pictures on KailaRegina.com.

In six little days, my first year of blogging will come to an end
and my second year will begin.

Craziness. Now let me tell you a little story.

My dad is a totally awesome guy.

One day, he gathered up all of his little munchkin children and took us bowling.

It wasn't until we were home that he told us the details of these events,
and as ridiculous as you may think the following story is,
it has popped into my head literally hundreds of times over the past year.

My dad rolled his first ball towards the rows of little white pins.
He did pretty good and felt a little cocky.
There were only a few pins left standing.

My dad, being the Alpha Male that he is, said silently to God:
God, I want to bowl this next shot all by myself.
I want to roll that bowling ball down the alley
with all of my own strength and human-awesomeness.
Please do not allow me to fall. Or break my arm. Or break my leg. Or die.
But please, just allow me to bowl. Only this one time.
With all of my own strength. Without You.

My dad stood by the bowling ball return rack.

He waited for his bowling ball.

He waited for his bowling ball some more.

My dad's bowling ball never returned.

You don't breathe without God... just fyi.

But ok, go ahead and laugh at my over-dramatization of the bowling ball story,
but in absolute truth and honesty, that story has brought me so much peace
during this year of business start-up.

2011 has (so far) flown by in a million bright colors
and I have LOVED every single second.

2011 was going to be my Let's-Just-See-How-This-Goes Year
and I never expected my little business to explode like it has.

I can't tell you how many times God has dropped the most amazing,
unexpected opportunities into my lap.

My God is cool. And he is awesome.

Now I just need to stop right here and say that I have a little, tiny huge pet-peeve
with someone receiving everything they want, plus a few sparkling rainbows
and unicorns thrown into the mix, and then saying God is Good and I am blessed.

Especially when it's coming from Camille from the Beverly Hills Real Housewives.
(Did you guys see that episode? I wanted to punch her.)

Blessings from God don't always look like amazing American success.
God would be good if this venture had tanked from the start.
I believe that.

I don't think that I'm anything special or deserve anything from God at all.
At all at all at all.

What I do know about myself is that I am a little flighty, very easily distracted,
I can cry at the drop of a hat, and become stressed to the maxx in .02 seconds.

That's why a person like me has no choice but to let God control every, single, little thing.

So if you want my Secret of Success, that's it. God

Sorry if you were expecting more.

I could give you the whole I Work So Hard shhhpiel, but really, I don't.

I always do my best.

But most importantly, I laugh a lot, love life, love people and try not to stress. ;)

Of course, there are sob-fests and giant question marks
and difficult people all year long, but who really cares about all that?

It pulls me down momentarily, but all I need is to be reminded that God is the CEO
of KailaRegina.com and I can go back to laughing and playing with my new puppy. :)

I am so thankful for everything. So thankful.

Ok, I'm done reminiscing about my first year.

Now... onto the announcement!

A one-hour photo shoot with Yours Truly is being actioned off over at Stop for Flowers!!!!

By buying raffle tickets, you will making a dream come true for the sweetest family.

They are adopting a precious little girl from China and they want to bring her home!

So click right here or on the picture below to travel to Stop for Flowers
and read all about this precious adoption.

Then place a bid!

Then share the link on your facebook and twitter pages too,
so we can make some $$$ for this family!

Of course, this is somewhat of a local (Delaware, Philly) auction, because travel costs are not
included in the prize, but I would be oh-so willing to extend this prize to anyone
in the Cleveland, Ohio area as well...

I'll be out for a wedding and some shoots this October, so you could use your prize then! :)

And now it is time for another announcement that may even encourage you to bid a little more.

2011 has been such a fun year, but in 2012, I will be focusing on my wedding work
and no longer accepting family/children/baby/senior/etc. shoots.

Just weddings. :) Why? Because they are my true love. ♥

I will, of course, be photographing all of the sweet families I have booked for 2011,
but in 2012... don't even try to ask. ;)

Oh, I'm sorry. That wasn't a very nice way to end that sentence, was it?
At least there was a winky face on the end. ;)

Alright, time to end this extremely long blog post. With this...

I am super-uber-out-of-this-world thankful to every single person who takes
 the time to encourage me and support my photography work!

You all are amaaaaazing and I can't even find the words to express how much I love you!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart + a million exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!