It was still dark outside when Jared woke me up.

Pitch black darkness.

It's never smart to wake a girl up that early and I guess Jared wasn't
feeling very bright, because his next move was to deliver bad news.

"It's pouring rain," he whispered. "And it's not supposed to stop."

I covered my head with my pillow and did that fake, loud,
crying-whimper stuff that he hates.

He told me to pull it together and handed me some Starbucks coffee
and all was right with the world again.

Except that it was still raining.

So you're probably wondering why this rain was such a bummer,
and here is the reason:

Jared and I were traveling home from Ohio to Delaware and stopping in Pennsylvania
for a photo shoot with a family who was only going to be together on that day.

The day that it was pouring rain.

We decided to just head in their direction, pray like crazy,
and see what the skies held when we arrived.

And wouldn't you know it... sunshine.
But only for the hour of our photo shoot. :)