Tessa and I were traveling to the Mohican Gardens for Josh & Molly's wedding day.

We were also starving.

We had been desperately trying to find someplace... any place...
to stop for a quick lunch on our way.
Gas stations, Subway, a random Bait & Tackle shop.
They were all mysterious closed and it was starting to feel
like we were in a weird Twilight Zone.

We finally gave up all hope for our grumbling bellies and made our way to the Gardens.
There we discovered that the July heat was to blame.
All electricity was out.

Molly was bravely preparing for her big day in a dark, sweltering room...
with a smile on her face.

Tessa and I followed her lead as she and groom battled thru the next turn of events:
a thundering rain storm, crashing down on their outdoor ceremony and reception.

Nothing was going according to plan, but that didn't matter.

Josh loves Molly and Molly loves Josh and they were getting married.

The end.

And the beginning. :)