My friend Tarrah... Where to begin? ;)

I was going to tell you how we met, but then I realized...
we don't really remember.

We had a lot of the same college classes,
and I do remember sitting next to her one day.

We went thru that normal "Hey, how are you? Good. How are you?" thing.

The class finished and we left.

I remember Tarrah rushing in a teeny, tiny bit late for class the next day,
glaring at me as she passed by and whispering, "Why didn't you save me a seat?"

I saved her a seat from then on.

And she always saved me a seat too.

So I guess that's how we became friends. :)

Tarrah and I are the definition of opposite.

Let's just say that Tarrah knows how to paint the town
redder than Dorthy's sparkling ruby slippers.

And let's just say that I know how to read a thick book,
cover to cover, on a Friday night.

So when Tarrah came to visit last week, I promised with all of my heart
that we would do something sooooooooo fun.

We ended up taking Jack to the vet, getting take-out and
a Redbox movie, and falling asleep at 10pm.

I'm a failure at fun.

But we did talk Jared into photographing a mini-shoot of us...
featuring Jack, of course.

That's fun, right? ;)

 xoxoxo! ;)