This family.
They are all as sweet as sugar, pie, honey, tootsie pops...
really, the list could go on and on.

I always cry at weddings.
I love Love.
My viewfinder is contstantly fogging up.
But until this family came along, I had never had a teary moment at a family shoot.

I was looking through my camera, adjusting my settings, and getting ready for the shot.
Through my viewfinder, I saw Dad waiting under a tree for the picture.
I call for a daughter to join him and instantly, all three of his girls charged their dad,
surrounded him in a giant hug, and covered him with kisses.

They didn't really care much if the camera was clicking away.
And actually, it wasn't for a few seconds, because I couldn't really see.
It was just the sweetest thing in the world.
I not only felt honored to be capturing their love,
but I felt lucky to be a daughter myself and to have a dad that I loved that much too.

Thank you, Sweet Girls, for the reminder. ♥

As I started to choose my favorite images for this blog post,
I just kept coming back to the B&W portraits.
I hardly ever put B&W on my blog.
And I hardly ever post portraits.
But I love these.
You can just feel their love!