Every girl who has ever seen The Notebook dreams of a magical kiss
in the pouring rain, but I don't think Nicole ever thought hers would be
her first kiss after becoming Chad's wife.

Last Saturday at the Ceresville Mansion, Chad and Nicole said "I do"
just as the clouds opened up and the rain drops began to fall.

They kissed in the rain, waved off the offered umbrellas,
and beamed at their cheering, wet guests.

The whole entire day was a fairytale.

So much so, that I sang Taylor Swift's
"Today Was a Fairytale" all. the. way. home.

Oh, but I changed the words from
"I wore a dress. You wore a dark gray t-shirt."
to "I wore a dress. You wore a light gray suit."

And then the song really was about Nicole and Chad, of course.