Print these!
You're printing these, right?
You can order prints from me anytime!
Do you know where to get prints made? Let me send you a link.
You know pictures aren't meant to only be displayed on Facebook, right?
Print prints!

If you have ever had even the mini-est, tiniest photo op with me,
you've heard me exclaim at least one of the above sentences.

Because images are not meant to be seen on a screen.
Or stored on discs.
Or only ever seen in your Facebook albums.

And now it is confession time for Kaila.
I have not been practicing what I preach.

I looked around our little apartment the other day and realized
that the only pictures I have displayed... are magneted to the fridge!

So so so very sad.

Over the past few weeks, I've matted and
framed and hung lots and lots of my pictures.

With all of that framing, has come some much
needed cleaning and organizing and... discovering.

While going through a few boxes from my college days,
I found something that proves my incessant begging for printed images:

A grainy cell phone picture (that I really don't even remember turning into a print)
is now proudly hung above our bed as a memory that would have forever
been lost when that chunky piece of technology died.

Taken on one of the few days that we spent together
during an awful long-distance part of our relationship,
it is now going to daily remind me that at one time,
the only thing in the world that I wanted,
plain and simple, was to be with him.

So take pictures. Make memories. And print them, ok? ;)