Krissa, my sister, called last week.

"Guess who's here!!!!?" she yelled into the phone.

and before I could guess,
he had taken the phone from her and started yelling his own hellos.

My brother Luke was visiting, and with his arrival,
I became the only sibling not sitting around the breakfast table with the family.

Well, that was unacceptable, so JackJack and I made an impromptu trip,
and the family was all together again.

A few days of sleeping on the couch, 7 AM Starbucks runs, giant drive-thru orders,
group hugs, high-fives, sing-offs, dance-offs, and non-stop laughter
just reminded me all over again how much I love this family.

These people are my best friends in this whole entire world,
and I would never wish life to be any other way.

Now I just need to get them to all move next door. ;)

(I didn't take all of these pictures...
some are by Tessa, some are by Aubrey, some are by Mom, and some are self-timer. ;)