Once upon a time, I moved into a bachelor-pad apartment.

I tried really, really hard to make that pad into a cozy home,
but decorating is not my "thing."

Enter: Krissa.

My sister (you can see her here in her engagement pictures)
is the queen of shabby-chic decor. (on a budget too... this girl can save.)

She moved in for a month to help me decorate my space.

Then she, all of a sudden, up and LEFT ME to ELOPE with her fiance!!!

What's up with that???

Oh, so sorry, I guess I'm not over that elopement yet...
Back to the decorating story... ;)

Krissa is a total pro at making rooms flow.

I'm going to show you my little apartment make-over
one space at a time, but this first spot is one of my favorites.

The first day Krissa was here, she arranged this little reading nook.

I didn't even know I had the space or furniture for a reading nook!

But everything she used, I already had... we just spruced it all up with a little DIY goodness.

The chair was a re-covered thrifty find that I had uselessly sitting against a wall in the living room.

We made a burlap pillow... and to the pillow, we added a button covered with the letter E...
for no reason other than we thought it was a cool-looking letter...
did we need a better reason than that?

Every reading nook needs a cozy rug.

Cozy rugs are e x p e n s i v e.

All Halloween costume fabrics were 60% off the weekend we were shopping,
so we bought an entire bolt of dark gray fuzz at Jo Ann Fabrics and cut some curvy sides into it.

Meet my (not expensive) cozy rug.

Next, we needed some wall art.

Jared built the frame.

We painted it, tied ribbons from edge to edge,
and hung a million black and white memories with mini-clothes pins.

Oh yes.
The lamp.
This is one of my favorite things that we did.

This lamp is made from a cheap Lowes stand, an even cheaper Ikea shade,
an old Gap T-shirt, and lots of hot glue. ;)

We loosely gathered fabric strips with a simple stitch,
 and then slightly twisted the fabric as we glued it in place.

And last, our exciting thrift store find.
It's totally OK if you're not excited about it.
My husband wasn't very. ;)

But we found this copper branch/candle holder thing under a pile of Goodwill junk,
and we were very excited. Like dancing-around-in-Goodwill excited.

A coat or two of glossy white spray paint and the reading nook is as cozy as ever!