I was showing off some pictures I had taken of a newborn baby,
when someone asked me if photographing newborns gave me "The Baby Fever."

Well, I didn't  know what the baby fever was, so this kind person explained to me
that sometimes, when a woman holds a baby, she immediately wants one of her own...

This is called: The Baby Fever.

I had to answer, "No, I've never had The Baby Fever."

I love babies. I really do.
I'm just not ready for my own, any time soon.

Thanks for understanding. ;)

But anyway, I'm telling you all this because I'm wondering if there
is such a thing as The Children Fever... or something like that.

You see, last week, I got to hang out with the absolute cutest family ever.

These kids were so. much. fun. to be around.

I was still laughing when I got in the car to travel back to my home,
and I found myself dreaming about the day when I would be
going home to some little cute munchkins of my own.

So is that The Baby Fever too, or have I come down with something else? ;)