I went shopping with my friend Britney last night.

We were just walking around picking up the cute things and pointing out the ugly stuff,
when Brit decided to tell me that my blog has become suuuuper boring and she is going to stop
reading it unless I starting posting more about Kaila Regina on

Ok, ok, I'm just kidding.
She didn't say it like that.
Britney is the sweetest ever, and she would never be so harsh.
But she did make me realize that I have really been slacking lately!

But I'm done slacking now, officially.

And to prove it, here's what I stole last night from H&M.

I've been ub-sessed with fur for a while now.

I think this obsession started somewhere around the
same time as my obsession with Rachel Zoe.

She's totally bananas and I love her for bringing fur into my life.

And I didn't really steal it.
I bought it.
It felt like a steal.

So bring on the red Starbucks cups and below 30 temps.

I'm ready as I'll ever be. ;)