I stepped off the train at Penn Station and yelled
"I'm here! Where are you?" into my one-bar-of-service cell phone.

"I'm here too," my phone crackled back, "and
I'm wearing a black puffy coat and khaki pants."

I stood still and looked around me.

Dark puffy coats were everywhere, rushing by me at lightning speed,
going wayyy too fast for me to notice any khaki pants.

I'll admit, I panicked a little tiny bit.

I'm not very good at standing still in a sea of rushing people.

I searched the crowd for my cousin, anxious to find her.

And then finally, she was there, khaki pants, puffy coat, and...
super short, flaming red hair?!?!?

Now, this might just be my opinion, but if someone
was trying to find someone in a massive sea of people,
don't you think the someone with the fiery red hair
could have easily mentioned her makeover instead
of a dark, puffy coat and khaki pants?

I mean, that's just me. ;)

But anyway, there we met and we were off...
Two girls in a big city, buying clothes, eating sushi, and coveting everything in Barneys.

Oh... and of course I made Her Gorgeousness model for some pictures. ;)