My sister Tessa called me one day after
Science class with a photo shoot idea.

Side note: I totally love that she was thinking
about photo shoots in Science class.

In class, the teacher mentioned that putting Mentos in a bottle of
Coke would cause an explosion, so she thought it would be fun to
get a little vintage Coke bottle and take some fizzy pictures.

We shopped around at a local antique store,
found a little Coke bottle, and starting shooting......

So there we were taking one fizzy picture after another,
when we notice our Dad, who came along to watch the action, laughing.
At us. And our cute, fizzy Coke bottle.

And we were all "Go home, Hater! Stop laughing at our cool idea!"

So he left, still laughing at us, only to return a few minutes later with
a Coke bottle much larger than our vintage find and the assistance
we needed to make a real explosion happen.

Our dad is so cool.
We totally love him. ;)