I am a female, so my emotions are obviously not the most stable thing about me.

When Jeremy Cowart first tweeted about his LifeFinder Tour in NYC,
I was excited out of my mind and without a doubt going.

The next day, I decided I was totally terrified of putting
myself out there and would definitely not be attending.

And then, whadaya know, this past Monday, there I was
at the LifeFinder Tour, soaking up every little bit of information.

I attended with my best friend, Leah, and there couldn't have been
a more perfect person to attend this Tour and become inspired with me.

We've been friends since we were kids, and we both decided to be something
creative when we grew up... she's an awesome graphic designer.

I wanted to attend this Tour, because over the past year,
I have been discovering my photography style, and, I mean,
you probably can't tell from looking at it, (joking!) but my style is extremely girly.

Which is totally fine, because I am a girly, girly, girly girl,
and I'm glad that my style reflects who I am, but I wanted
to be in that room full of artists who were so vastly different from me.

And we definitely were different.

I'm pretty sure Leah and I were the only two in the room to get manicures
during our lunch break.

But that was why we were there.
I didn't want to see how the other girly girls thought...
I wanted to see into the edgier, artsy brains.

So here you go.
The 3 main ideas that I took from this Tour:

1. Post-production is not cheating.

Before I knew how to use my camera, I would edit my pictures to the maxxx,
because that's just what I had to do to make them usable.

As I learned more about my camera, I became obsessed with the idea
that processing a picture with a computer made me a bad photographer,
because a good photographer would make perfect pictures in camera.

So I worked and worked until I was proud of the images popping up on
the screen on the back of my camera.

I tweak them a teeny bit with my computer but rarely do much more than that.

Watching Jeremy take a really great image and make it a REALLY GREAT image
with  his editing programs showed me that post-production is not cheating at all,
and I am excited to start taking my own images to the next level.

2. I already have the connections that I need.

My business, so far, has grown on its own, by my previous brides
sending me my future brides, and I have been crazy lucky in that regard.

But lately, I've been thinking that I want to get my feet wet with some fashion photography.

I've been feeling sorry for myself, because I don't have the connections that I need to get
into the fashion world, but that is just not true.

What is true is that I am not hustling.

I have what I need: twitter and email.

With a little persistence, I can find a way to get in touch with anyone, anywhere,
and all I need is a little bit of confidence and courage.
3. Who you are is just as important as the work that you do.

As Jeremy put image after image onto the screen of artists who have
"made it" shooting giant ad campaigns and celebrities, it was obvious.

Any photographer could have found a way to get that image on the screen.

But the reason that photographer was shooting that ad campaign,
was because of who they were as a person and the fact that they had a
definitive voice and were consistent with their photography style.

This was probably the most encouraging thing I learned.

I have so many days when I want to be someone else, and I want
to photograph with a style that is so different from what I already do.

I realized that I am actually lucky to know exactly who I am.

I realized that just being me is not a hard thing to do... it's easy.

I don't need to change.

I thought I might walk away from this Tour wanting to be more
like Jeremy Cowart and the rest of the cool, edgy artists who were there,
but I left the Tour really happy with who I am as a girly-girl photographer
and really inspired to keep growing and pushing for the best version of me.