The following reviews were all previously posted on my Facebook page,
until Facebook decided to delete them for me. ;)

Luckily, I saved all of the sweet words and you can read them here.

| Britney R. |  I'm not sure where to start when writing a review
for Kaila Regina because I have endless amounts of wonderful things
to say about her and her talent. Therefore, I am going to write this from
one bride to another. When it comes to planning your wedding the most
important piece in my opinion is the wedding photographer. Why?
Well, let's face it unfortunately memories fade - especially when your
wedding is the most fabulous whirl-wind night of your life - but her pictures
will keep your memories alive. Kaila not only became my wedding
photographer, but also my friend. She was there when I wanted to email her,
text her, call her, and even Facebook her - trust me I bothered her about everything ;)
She was always so quick to respond - she made me feel as if I was the only bride
she was working with - which was great because my wedding was all about me -right?!
On my big day she was there for me from start to finish. She was my photographer,
friend, and almost like a bridesmaid (helping me with my dress, veil and seriously helping
to calm my nerves). Kaila and her husband Jared were perfect, they captured
every single special moment in my wedding and I didn't feel like I was being chased
down by the paparazzi. I felt so comfortable in front of her camera - she made me
feel so beautiful. She was so devoted to making sure that every kiss and laugh and
smile was captured (so devoted she almost fell off a dock into the water taking
pictures of us ;) - but I doubt that even being completely drenched in the middle of
February would have stopped her.) Most importantly after my wedding was over and
the honeymoon was over too - and I was feeling so completely sad that all the excitement
was now a distant memory - my pictures arrived - and I was a happy bride once again!
They are the most gorgeous breath taking pictures I have ever seen. I have probably
looked at them over a thousand times. Use Kaila as your wedding photographer -
you will not regret it.

| Jerelyn K. | Love, Love, Love her eye for photography! She has a true gift.
And really relates to the people, catches their personality in the pictures.
I would recommend her to anyone!!

| Krissa D. |  Kaila Regina is the best. The best. The best. The best.
My man doesn't like being photographed and I'm camera shy but somehow
we forgot all that when we were told to kiss like we were part of a scene in
The Notebook. Kaila captured every funny, beautiful, perfect moment that
we shared together. We had so much fun laughing at each other we forgot we were
getting our pictures taken! I mean seriously, after hearing Kaila yell "Work it! Work it! Work it!"
you'd crack up in every picture too. Thanks Kai! xoxo

| Keri B. | Five stars is simply not enough to say how much I LOVE KailaRegina
photography! I absolutely LOVE her work and I am definitely very happy with the results
of the photo shoots I've done with her. KailaRegina is a sweet and compassionate person
and her photography is amazing and very unique and beautiful.
I recommend her wholeheartedly! :)

| Karly B. | I was so nervous for my engagement photos that I looked through
hundreds of photographers. When I found KailaRegina Photography I was in love!
She is the easiest person to work with and she gave me a new found confidence.
She even made my fiance feel like he was right at home; and for those of you whose future
husbands hate getting their pictures taken, she can erase that grim face and make the
atmosphere so comfortable for them, that their true love for their future brides shines
through!!!! She goes above and beyond to get the perfect photo and her work has
no words to describe how unbelievable it is. I highly recommend KailaRegina Photography!!!!

| Alexis S. | Our family loved the photo shoot.
You are so much fun!
We love you, Kaila!

| Erika K. |  My engagement and wedding pictures turned out great! Kaila has an eye
for details that many photographers would overlook. She is very creative and gets some
really neat pictures because of this. She has a very warm and charming personality too.
I very highly recommend her!

| Laura B. | The best photographer around! Kaila has an incredible eye for catching
pure moments of beauty and emotion. Her work is truly inspiring. After putting one of
her pictures on my fb page dozens of people wanted to know how they could get in
touch with her. And to top it all off, she has reasonable prices and is SO fun to work with.
What can I say? She captures magic!

| Maritza C. | Kaila captured the most memorable moments of my wedding day.
Every picture she took takes me back and fills me with so much love and happiness.
She has talent that over exceeds any expectation, so creative and natural.
Life through her camera lens is enchanting. She is overall an incredible woman, I love her!!

| Molly J. |  We were so happy with our wedding photographer & photos!
The photos were modern, yet included all the “must-have” photos every couple wants!
Kaila was so kind & flexible throughout the whole wedding day!

| Ashley K. | My wedding photography was beyond what I could have ever imagined!!
Not only did I receive stunning photos that captured all the moments of my day,
but I had a fabulous photographer that put me at ease and made it a blast!!

| Tina D. | Kaila- Our wedding day was so beautifully rainy and gloomy;
and all I ever dreamt about my whole life was to have beautiful outdoor
pictures for my memories. On the actual day, although extremely happy
and tried not to care, it came to mind. But God gave us a break and
even if there was no sunlight to be seen, I got back these wonderfully, bright,
amazing pictures that were so brilliantly colored and so creative that you would
never know it was raining earlier! The pictures were inspiring, creative and fun;
they made me feel like I was in a totally different place, and each picture had such
a value that showed something unique and exciting. You made my memories of
our wedding day a true fairytale. Thank you!