This is the story of a simple girl who wanted to be a photographer,
and this story starts with The Newlywed Game.

Jared and I were not even married at the time, so the fact that
we were playing this game is funny to me, but wow, already
on a rabbit trail... back to the story...

Jared was asked, "What is Kaila's dream job?"

He answered "Photographer" and we got a point.

I always wanted to be a photographer.

I thought photographers were cool and had super fun jobs.

But when it came time to choose a college major,
I decided a legal office degree would get me far in life.

I was actually choosing between Medical Office or Legal Office until my
fashionable aunt, Zenta, pointed out that I was actually choosing
between a uniform of scrubs or a wardrobe from The Limited.

So obviously, the decision was made easy for me, and off to college I went.


I met Jared.

Simply put, he made all of my dreams come true.

He was serious and confident and calm.

I had never before had anyone like him in my life.

He was genuinely nice to me.

He listened to all of my crazy ideas and never laughed.

I fell in love with him, and amazingly, he fell in love with me too.

He asked me to be his wife and duh... I said yes.

We moved into his one bedroom bachelor pad
and started playing house.

We knew absolutely no one in our area, except for
each other, and it was absolutely perfect that way.

I started mailing out resumes and searching for that perfect job
but quickly became frustrated with the options available to me.

I needed to do something creative.

I remember the night I started my first blog. or something silly like that.

I was going to blog a new meal each night
and become famous for my recipes.

I can barely cook. And I definitely can't bake.
Who knows what I was thinking.

Each blog post would be accompanied by pictures of
the meal shot with a little point-and-shoot camera.

I would get comments like:
"I never read your recipes,
but I always stop in to look at your pictures!"

I thought it was funny.

At the same time, I was also posting pictures of our
newlywed life on Facebook...

And then I received two Facebook messages from college acquaintances
asking if I would be interested in photographing their weddings...
just because they liked the pictures I posted.

Not pictures of weddings.

Just pictures of what I ate for dinner and where I went on vacation.

I didn't think that was funny at all.

I thought it was crazy! Totally insane!

And really, it was.

I didn't have the right camera or the right people skills.

Heck, I didn't even know what Flickr was.

But after a million pep talks from Jared, I agreed, and I am forever
grateful to him and those two beautiful brides who became sweet friends.

Jared gifted me with an upgrade from my
point-and-shoot for Christmas, and I spent the springtime
experimenting and learning with my new camera.

I shot those first two weddings that summer, then my third
later that fall, and thanks to the kind words of people who
appreciate my art, my little venture has exploded.

So, I am a photographer.

But I have come such a long way in such a short time,
and I've realized that a photographer is not all I really want to be.

Photography is my art form.

My creative release.

But my passion is living.

I live and breathe life.

Life doesn't always have to be happy.

It won't always be happy.

But I want it to be full.

Full of sunsets and kisses and a sandy beach or two.

And that is my story, I suppose.

How a simple girl who wanted to be a photographer
became a photographer but will always still be that simple girl. :)