Dream it up, plan it out, and then execute one fashion shoot every month of the year.

To help me build my fashion portfolio, this is one of my 2012 goals, and I'm
crazy excited to finally be sharing my first ever true fashion shoot - The Blackbird.

A messy nest of hair, fluttery feather lashes, a rooftop at sunset, and we were all set.

I was uber-lucky to work with the lovely Ashley Miller, a hair styling extraordinaire,
and the amazing Bruce Pabon, makeup artist genius.

This being my first shoot, I wanted to non-stop flood their inboxes with my thoughts
and ideas, but I did my best to sit back and trust them... and I'm so glad I did!
They are just incredibly talented and so good at what they do.
I really, truly can't thank them enough.

Moxie Boutique is the cutest place in Newark with the prettiest dresses and they
oh-so-kindly loaned us a LBD that looked just perfect on our gorgeous model, Kate!

Kate is my lifesaver in this story. So many times and dates and people had to be
switched around and around during the planning process, and Kate didn't join the fun
until Friday! Only two days before the shoot! Such a lifesaver... and then the most perfect
blackbird I could have asked for on top of that. ;)

And then some serious thanks needs to go to my sweet cousin Alyssa.
She played the role of stylist and our Skype dates and email flurries were
filled with so much inspirational goodness.

Also a super thankful shout-out to Britney, who always immediately responded
to my depressing texts when plans fell apart and always assured me that everything
would be okay. And she introduced me to Bruce! So double thanks to Brit! ;)

And before you see the results of our hard work, I have to thank Jared. (Of course!)
Because of that wonderful man, I get to live my dreams and let my art be my "work."
So much thanks to him, and also, he could use your prayers. He made it through the
planning of fashion shoot #1... but still has 11 more to go. ;)

Okay, so now you can finally see the pictures.

But wait... I know how you look at blog posts, because I know how I look at blog posts.

I scroll through in about 30 seconds and move on.

But I don't want you to just see the top and bottom of each image on your way to the post's end.

I worked too hard on this one. ;)

Do me a favor? Pick one of the images to look at. Really look at it. Maybe be inspired by it?

Just one.

Hair | Ashley Miller
Makeup | Bruce Pabon
Model | Kate Kaczowka
Wardrobe | Moxie Boutique
Photographer | Kaila Regina