I bought a little, vintage Minolta SRT 101 last spring, and I carried it
around with me all summer long, capturing memories on film.

The last roll I shot sat in the camera for months, but I finally
sent it out for developing a few weeks ago.

As I looked through the developed images, I came to a set of
quick headshots of my parents and siblings and only one thought
stuck out in my mind: Time is so weird.

The weather isn't the only thing that changes as the minutes tick by.

For real... this first girl is married.
I don't even know if she had her ring when I snapped that shot.

But I just love these headshots of each one of us.

Somehow, film images are more real than the digital ones.

Instead of shooting 20 and showing only the prettiest one,
you get one shot & one image... it's the real deal.

And I like seeing each of our personalities stuck on film.

Krissa. She's the married one. I miss her.
& Tessa, the baby for 5 years before the real baby stole her place. ;)

Sienna, the baby.
Face paint reality for the first shot, little wanna-be model for the next one.

Me. My mom took it.
& Aubrey. She's like my twin in a million ways.

The 'rents.

And Luke, the only brother... who is famous for once as a little boy stating to our mom
that he was going to "save his money and buy a boy brother." ;)

And no, this is not a headshot, but I thought a handstand
on a gravel parking lot was pretty impressive. ;)