When I was little, I thought there were
only two forms of art: painting and drawing.

I thought that the only way for these two art forms
to be considered good, they had to be perfect.

The painting of the bowl of fruit had to look exactly like
the real bowl of fruit or it was a bad painting.

I wanted so badly to love art and to call myself an artist,
but my faulty view of perfect art wouldn't let me.

Not matter how hard I tried, my crayon wouldn't stay inside those thick,
black lines, and my circles always ended up looking more like squished pears.

For a while I hated art.

Then I realized that art is in everything.

Even a baker bakes cakes as his very own art form.

I had so much imperfect creativity that I was hiding inside of me,
 and I just needed to let it out!

Photography has been my creative release for a while now,
and I wanted to start a photography series for this year,
but I also wanted to create something with my hands.

When Kayla brought her fabulous all-the-way-from-Italy mask
 to her photo shoot with me, I was obsessed.

I decided that my 2012 photo series would be centered
around masks with all of the masks created by me.

I am so excited to create.

This first mask was made from a giant inspiration source,
the Anthropologie catalogues. (and a few J. Crew & some inspirational ads.)

I just love this mask and its bright happy colors.

It is modeled by the absolutely lovely Kathleen who I cannot wait to work with again!

And Jared gave me the sweetest compliment ever.
He says this mask must be what I look like on the inside.

So I'm calling it the Me Mask. ;)

And here you go! The pictures...