Did you all have an amazing New Year's celebration?

I'm always super-impressed if Jared and I can stay up past midnight.

I do realize how lame that sounds.

This year, we decided to ring in the new year by watching an entire season of 24,
and we actually kept our eyes open long enough to see the ball drop in Times Square.

WoooHooo, go us!

And we did take a break from our 24 marathon to go see some fireworks.

That was a blast. Pun intended. ;)

So who's ready for this new year??!

Me! Me! I am!

I get wayyy too excited for any excuse to start a new
daily regimen, diet, workout, whatever...

We took JackJack for a walk in the park on New Years Day, but he refused to walk...
he only wanted to run... no... sprint everywhere and bark at everyone.

So that was fun.

I think he was really excited about the New Year too.

And then yesterday, I got to meet up with my sweet friend Britney
and grab a few quick shots for her new blog, which you should go
visit immediately: The Musings of a 20-something Wife.

Isn't she just sooooo pretty?

And just as pretty on the inside too. :)

I promise, you'll love her blog.

So to end, I just re-read this blog post, and I guess we're starting the
new year off with a random smattering of my thoughts and pictures.

But why not, right?

I hope you all have a happy, healthy start to this brand new year!

Here's to you! ;)