What is it about the first snow that turns me into a five year old?

Seeing the world covered in that white fluffy stuff makes me
giddy inside, and I have to get out and run through it.

This weekend's snow was no different, and Jared took
me to such a pretty spot for a "picture walk."
(He's so sweet. I love him crazy amounts.)

And to clarify, a  "picture walk" is a walk, preferably in
a pretty, nature-filled area, with the only purpose of the
walk being to take a picture or two. ;)

So here are a few snaps from our walk in the snow covered woods...

PS: I edited these with VSCO Film, which I have wanted foreverrrr.

Forever being about a month now since I first heard about VSCO Film
on the Lifefinder Tour, but I made my purchase this weekend and I can't
say I've ever been more pleased and happy with a product! Kinda psyched.