The chair was tall and I was a teeny bit nervous,
so I let my feet swing over the floor and played
with my keys as I started to ask my list of questions.

It was a rainy Monday morning, and I was
honored to be in the cozy Sweet Jazmines kitchen
talking business and the wedding industry with the
chef herself, Kimberly Cuthbert.

Sweet Jazmines has an impressive list of press appearances,
and is a success story known for their "incredibly delicious,
award-winning desserts always baked fresh from scratch,"
and I wanted to know the secret behind it all.

Success stories are like fairy tales to me these days,
so I asked my questions, soaking up knowledge and tips,
but what really impressed me was Kim... a good, kind person.

I am finding that in a lot of successful, small businesses, beneath the
smart business plans and social media techniques, there is going
to be a truly nice person with a smile on their face doing the
absolute best work that they can do.

Kim didn't ask me to write this little blog post.
I actually asked her if I could share my experience.

So of course, this is little plug obvious:
If you're a bride looking for the most delectable of wedding cakes,
head on down to Sweet Jazmines and check them out...

And don't forget to smile back at the chef who is bringing you
that perfect-melts-in-your-mouth-like-butter slice. ;)