By now, you have probably seen my first fashion shoot,
The Blackbird, because it's one of my highest hit posts
and it's only been up for two little days, but if not then
click right here and check it out!

If you're interested in seeing what it looks like when I shoot,
I'm bringing you a little behind the scenes video,
filmed by Jared... and I think he did a fantastic job!

Seriously, this is his first time ever filming anything like this.
Awesome, hun! ;)

There is no talking sound in our video, ( sorry ) but that will
probably come in future behind the scenes. There was just
too much wind noise, so I hope you'll enjoy the pretty
song, Day 4 by Christa Couture.

Please ignore my disheveled appearance as it was extremely
windy on the roof, but as you're ignoring me, be sure to
notice how well Kate ROCKED IT OUT in that same wind.

Her feather lashes were allowing the wind to whip into her eyes
and giving no protection, so she literally had tears rolling down
her face for the entire shoot, but still managed to be ahhhmazing.

And then notice Ashley, the bobby pin queen... I asked her
to attach a thin feather headpiece on the windy roof with frozen
fingers, and two seconds later that headpiece was secure and not
moving for anything. Talent, right there. ;)

I am the luckiest girl to work with such awesome people,
and I love how this shoot proves that team work
always wins. Don't be afraid to share your talents
with other talented people, because the outcome
is soooo worth it!

So here you go... behind the scenes of The Blackbird shoot...

Hair | Ashley Miller
Makeup | Bruce Pabon
Model | Kate Kaczowka
Wardrobe | Moxie Boutique