Are you guys ready to see February's fashion shoot?!

I sure hope you are, because I am crazy excited to share it with you!

My inspiration for this shoot came from The Candy Kitchen...
you know, that super colorful candy store with locations at
several East Coast beaches?

A hot pink store filled with every kind of candy and located on the beach
is basically my dream come true, and I wanted to incorporate all of these
aspects of The Candy Kitchen into my shoot.

I wrote The Candy Kitchen, telling them of my inspirations and ideas,
and I was absolutely thrilled when they agreed to sponsor our
Candy Couture shoot at Rehoboth Beach.

With the model's tank tops all embellished with candy from
The Candy Kitchen, I knew the perfect designer to help
with the skirts would be Brittany Humble, designer of B.E. Humble.
I was thrilled again when she was just as excited as I about this
shoot and agreed to make the tulle skirts that our models would wear.

Katherine from The Style Tab is a color guru with a gift for styling, so I asked
her to put the final outfits together for us, and she oh-so-amazingly did.

Ashley Miller, the amazing hair stylist, worked with me from the very beginning
of this shoot, and came up with all of our models' crazy & beautiful hair styles.
{My favorite is the rainbow fishtail braid. I need to get extensions so
I can wear that all summer long!}

We joined up with Kim Bassette {Makeup by Kim} and her assistant Liz
to beautifully make up our models with candy pieces and sugared lips.

Our gorgeous models Alexi, Marisa, and Claire brought so much energy and life
to the shoot... even when the gathering storm clouds decided to start snowing
and the high wind speeds swirled sand into mini tornadoes.

A shout out also needs to go to my new friend Leslie, who came along as our
extra pair of hands and was just the most amazing assistant EVER.
Seriously, she was like my brain power, remembering every little thing.

Oh, and did I mention that everyone involved {including some very supportive boyfriends}
woke up at 4 AM to prep for the shoot and drive an hour to the beach?

They were my dream team, and I couldn't have done a single bit of it without them.

Models | Marisa Cathell, Alexi Corham, & Claire Griffith
Hair | Ashley Miller
Makeup | Kim Bassette
Wardrobe | B.E. Humble & The Candy Kitchen
Photographer | Kaila Regina