You guys.

One of my images from my 1st ever fashion photo shoot
was picked out of 300 entries to possibly be printed on the
cover of the magazine, Lemonade and Lenses!

I am thrilled!!!

It feels so good to be chosen, and yesterday,  I smiled all day long!

It would be so special to have my 1st fashion shoot as
my 1st printed cover, and I reallyyy want it!!!

But nine other entries were picked from those 300 as well!!!

My image is running against photographers' images
with more Facebook fans than I have in all of my
social media circles + my cell phone contacts +
my email lists + my family reunions combined!!!

So the only possible way for me to have this 1st cover of
my 1st fashion shoot is for YOU to help me out!

(Insert picture of Uncle Sam & his pointing finger here. haha!)

Please click this link, click on #9 Kaila Regina, then click VOTE!



Here is the link:

I know if you all help me,
the 1st fashion shoot can beat out the mega-thousand fan bases
with a few little clicks of that button! I just know it!!!

And so many of you have jumped right in, and shared the link,
and asked your friends to help me out, and you have NO IDEA
how much it means to me and my dreams!!!

If nothing else comes of this cover, I'll know that right now, 236 of
you cared about me and my dreams and wanted me to have this cover!!

And that really just makes my heart so happy. I love you all!!!

And this is getting mushy, so I'm signing out now, but thank you
all for believing in me and my picture-making!!! Mwah!!! ;)

© 2012
Hair | Ashley Miller
Makeup | Bruce Pabon
Model | Kate Kaczowka
Wardrobe | Moxie Boutique