Hello, Everybody!

Today we are celebrating!!

Every once in a while, this crazy life needs a random celebration.

Something to give you a little extra reason to smile.

When I was a little girl, my dad was the absolute best celebrator ever.
Sometimes, we would ask him to take us to Chuckie Cheese on a random
Thursday school night, and he would say, “Why not!? Let’s celebrate.”

I remember one end-of-summer day, he came home from work and yelled
for me and my siblings (and there are a lot of us siblings) to gather up and go
sit on the trampoline. He appeared, dressed in his work clothes, his arms filled
with wrapped birthday presents.

Except that none of us were even close to our birthdays.
He had bought an un-birthday present for each of us.

So we all started bouncing on the trampoline in excitement
and he tossed us our surprise gifts... ahhhh.... the memories. ;)

But you see, I learned from a very young age that random
celebrations are a necessary part of life.

So today we’re celebrating.

And if you absolutely must have a reason... fine...
we are celebrating the Month of March.
Happy March 1st! :)

This is the very first contest of its kind here at KailaRegina.com,
 and I think you're going to like it.

You all probably know how much I love LOVE.

And if you've ever been even in the vicinity of me as I'm photographing,
 you know from my squeals of delight that I love capturing those perfect
LOVE moments with my camera.

So without further adieu, let me announce the fabulous
grand prize to this contest I am hosting.

One lucky couple will receive a 100% free photo shoot with yours truly
capturing their unique and special love. They will receive 50 4x6 image proofs
from the shoot and one 11x14 print of their favorite image from the shoot.

But that’s just the stuff they’ll win.

The important thing is that their personalities, memories, and moments from this time
 in their life will be captured forever.

Pictures are precious.

And if you need more convincing, click right here to read this
powerful letter about the importance of having moments captured.

Okay, so now that you want need these pictures, here’s how to get them.

PS: those people up there ^^^ are my cute parents. ;)

1. Visit my photo album love true love by clicking right here.
Pick a favorite image and leave me a comment telling me what you
like about it! And then if you like my pictures – which I’m hoping you
do since you’re entering my contest ;) – go ahead and “like” my
page on your way out.

2. Next, grab your camera, cell phone, that old picture from 20 years ago,
any image of the two of you... And email that snapshot of you and your
hunny to Kaila@KailaRegina.com.

3. Last but not least, include a few short sentences describing your favorite date night.

Here is an example... you know, if I were entering my own contest.

Cell phone snapshot:

Very normal and frequent and favorite date night:

Caramel Macchiato for him. Coffee frap with extra whipped cream for me.
A thick book with lots of big words for him. People, InStyle, and Vogue for me.


Okay, so you have until March 15th to get your entries to me & then voting begins!

Voting will be easy peasy.

I will upload all of the entries into a special album and you
can share your photo with your family and friends. The three most
popular images (with popularity based on the number of picture “likes”)
will be placed into a random drawing on March 31 at 10PM and the winner -
picked from those three most popular - will promptly be notified via email.

So, there will be 2 weeks to get your pictures to me, and then 2 more weeks
for family and friends to vote on the entries with the contest beginning today on
March 1 and ending at 10PM on March 31.

See? It really is a celebration of the month of March. ;)

And then, here are a few more details. The small print, if you will.

This contest is open to couples who are in love. This is not a contest
for submitting a picture of your son and daughter or your granddaughter
and her puppy. Or even your family.

Couples only, please and thank you.
Girlfriend and boyfriend, husband and wife.
Cuddling and kissing will be mandatory in the winner’s photo shoot. ;)

Whether you just met 6 months ago or have been married 50 years,
if you’re in love, please send in your photo! Or maybe you know of a
deserving couple that you would like to enter into the contest... please feel free.

I, the photographer, am located near Newark, Delaware. The location of the
photo shoot will be local, meaning no more than 30 miles outside of Newark.
MD, NJ, PA, etc... you are all welcome to enter this contest, but driving to a
location near me will be necessary to obtain your prize.

After the winner is notified on March 31, the photo shoot will need to be
scheduled to take place sometime during the months of April or May 2012.
If the photo shoot does not happen by May 31, it will be forfeited.

By emailing your picture and date night description to me at Kaila@KailaRegina.com,
you are giving your permission to have your picture and description posted on my
Facebook page, KailaRegina.com.

If you have any questions at all, email me at Kaila@KailaRegina.com!

Now get those entries coming in!!!