So I guess this isn't big news.

But I got a haircut.

My last haircut was 9 months ago and it was an awful experience.

So awful that I needed all 9 of those months to recover and
let my poor little hairs grow.

I finally knew enough was enough so I went to see my new friend
Ashley at her salon Hair Is Our Passion in Middletown, Delaware.

Ashley is amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

Once I asked her to put sticks (as in
sticks from the ground) in my model's hair.

And then I asked her if she thought a
cotton candy beehive just might be possible.

She is a freaking hair magician.

When I sat in her chair, she cut my hair and then made it longer. ;)

Yes, I finally gave in to the instant gratification that comes from
those lovely things called hair extensions.

I love my new hair. And I love Ashley. And I think you should
all go see her, and let her make you look & feel beauuutiful too!