Okay, so if you all follow my blog at all,
I'm sure you know all about Ashley Miller.

She's basically the greatest hairstyle ever, and even though we
just met, she is quickly becoming one of my best friends too!

Isn't life cool like that?

Together, we decided to create a giant hair storm,
and honestly, I don't think this girl is ever going to
stop impressing me with her hair magicianry.

Piece by piece, Ashley built the giant hair structure that you see in this post!

Makeup by Kim joined up with us to give a smokey eye and some
nude lips to our sweet model Emily, (who worked that hair even when
she was super dizzy from so much hair flipping) and with the addition
of a high-powered fan, we made this hair storm come to life!

Hair | Ashley Miller
Makeup | Kim Bassette
Model | Emily Jung
Photographer | Me ;) Kaila Regina