Wow! I have been absent from this blog for an entire week!

Did you all miss me? ;)

I have been traveling & shooting & shooting & traveling,
and just having the time of my life along the way!

Mobile, Alabama was my home for a few days while I was
shooting for a brand new online boutique, Lace!

You can follow Lace Boutique by clicking right here,
and celebrate the launch on April 2!!!

It's just the greatest feeling to know what you are supposed to
do with your life and to be doing it.

Fashion photography does that for me!

I have so many fun shoots to share with you all soon,
but for now, here is a roll of film I just developed of my
beautiful new friend, Alexi!

Shooting a roll of film is such an awesome photography exercise.

With digital photography, you can shoot 1,000 and choose 1 pretty image,
but with film, you only get 36 chances, so each shot really counts.

And it's a lot of fun to stay in one spot and try to make each
image different from the one before it!

So here is what I did with a roll of Ilford HP5+ 400!